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Clear vehicle bras, Clear Bras, Clear Bra covers, Auto Clear Bra

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Here at the Dent Shoppe we feel that any action taken to prevent little repair is worth a ton of repainting, time and money.  Dent Shoppe Clear Bra Automotive team are the leading comapny in Sacramento, Folsom, Roseville, Rocklin, Etc. when it comes to clear vehical bras, clear bras, and clear bra covers, car bra, auto clear bra, clear bra protection.

When applied, high grade clear bra urethane film allows a vehicle's paint color brilliance to show through, while protecting and adding a "cushioning" effect protecting it from damage caused by stone chips, bugs, abrasion and weathering. If you have problems with Dent Repair, Winsheild Repair, Bumper Repair, or Scratch Repair, Let the Dent Shoppe Team Know we can help you out in those areas as well.

A clear bra protection film is a rugged urethane specially designed to preserve the beauty and integrity of exterior automotive finishes. This layer is covered by a clear coat (just like on your cars paint) that does not contain UV inhibitors which allows the paints finish to fade evenly under and outside the film. Furthermore, this clearcoat prevents and resists the film from "yellowing".

All clear bra installations are custom fit to your vehicles most vulnerable areas and contours. Unlike clear bra "kits" which leave edges exposed and susceptible to damage, all edges are wrapped and heated by the Dent Shoppe team sealed to give your car complete protection.

The film is designed to be a part of your vehicles finish and maintenence free once installed. However, it can be removed if necessary (by a professional installer is recommended). The film can (and should) be waxed just like you wax your paint.